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DebtCare Canada is a Debt Consulting Organization whose business is based on helping all Canadians who are overwhelmed with debt. We are NOT trustees in Bankruptcy. Trustees claim to take a neutral role between you and your creditor, but their responsibility is to maximize the amount you pay to your creditors. In addition, Trustees get paid a percentage of how much you pay to those creditors. DebtCare Canada acts solely in your interests to ensure that you get the best possible results by utilizing Federal Government programs and other financial solutions to help you deal with your debt with dignity. We’ve helped thousands of Canadians start living debt free – Let us help you!



Michael Goldenberg

Michael Goldenberg is the founder and President of DebtCare Canada Inc. With an extensive background in business management, Michael spent 20 years operating a commodity trading firm. During that time he served as a financial mentor, providing counselling to many individuals struggling with debt. This prompted the inception of DebtCare Canada, whose mission is to provide individuals, families and businesses a solution to their debt problems with one of DebtCare’s customized debt management programs. Michael brings his experience, passion and full commitment to each client he serves. Contact Michael at: mgoldenberg@debtcare.ca. Read Michael’s full Bio Here. aquí.

Sarah Mitchell

Debt Management Consultant
Sarah Mitchell is a Senior Debt Consultant and the Director of Settlements at DebtCare Canada. She has obtained an Honours Bachelor degree in applied economics from Queen’s University . Sarah has accumulated almost a decade of experience in a variety of enterprises focusing on business development, finance, human resources, debt counselling and credit management. Over the years, Sarah is proud to have helped many persons change and improve. She has enabled clients to obtain financial freedom which has, in turn, empowered them to restart their personal and work lives. Contact Sarah at: smitchell@debtcare.ca

Pam Shimmerman

Debt Management Consultant
Pam Shimmerman graduated from Ogsoode Law School and the Schulich School of Business with both a law degree and a business degree. Pam is a mother of three with a special needs child and cares about people. While Pam could have used her law degree to embark upon a lucrative career in business law, she chose instead to use it to make a difference – advocating for people who are in financial crisis and who don’t have the resources that their creditors have. Pam creates a level playing field for our clients. Pam applies her legal “know how” to stop collectors in their tracks, providing the breathing room for our clients to be able to make financial choices with a clear head. Pam spent many years practicing law within a large financial institution, guiding corporate clients through the structuring and re-structuring of their debt. In complex situations, Pam is able to lend her legal expertise so that our clients have a plan that best protects all of their interests. Pam decided to join DebtCare Canada because of her commitment to help people deal with their debt. Coupled with her legal and business background, Pam is compassionate and offers our clients additional insight into their financial situations to help them get back on their feet. Pam also prepares wills, powers of attorney, and affidavits and can represent DebtCare Canada clients with respect to mediation requirements, discharge hearings, student loan write off requests and proposal reinstatement hearings. Pam also facilitates corporate and strategic referral relationships for DebtCare Canada. Contact Pam at: pshimmerman@debtcare.ca

Karen Goldenberg

Director of Community Outreach
Karen Goldenberg is the Director of Community Outreach at DebtCare Canada. Her primary focus is DebtCare Canada’s WeCare Canada initiative. Heading up WeCare Canada, Karen will build awareness of Debtcare’s public education programs that assist people to overcome debt and develop financial management skills. Karen Goldenberg is a senior executive with proven expertise in building businesses, driving growth, competitive position and value. Former CEO of JVS Toronto, Karen has been recognized for her leadership and excellence in leading JVS to become a preeminent career and vocational agency serving over 20,000 people annually. Karen is a visionary with demonstrated strategic planning and business development skills. She has founded and led private and non-profit charitable health, education and social service agencies. Karen started her career as a therapist and combines her clinical interest with policy and program development . She attributes her success to always focusing on the needs of the client, developing innovative solutions, building strong relationships and delivering value. Recognizing that the issue of debt has become an epidemic in Canada, Karen looks forward to continuing her work in the community with DebtCare, making a difference to Canadians who are struggling with debt. Contact Karen at: kgoldenberg@debtcare.ca

Sarah Korolik

Customer Service Manager
Sarah Korolik is a Customer Service Manager and Front Liner at DebtCare Canada. With an extensive background in customer service and business communication, combined with over 5 years of industry experience at Deloitte and Farber Financial Group, Sarah has an excellent grasp for assessing difficult financial situations. Her understanding of the impact and toll financial stress can place on a family’s life allows her to empathize and connect with DebtCare’s clients. Sarah’s knowledge gives her the ability to walk individuals through the different programs available to them and find the solution that best suits their needs. Contact Sarah at: skorolik@debtcare.ca

Andrea Valdez

Debt Management Consultant
Andrea Valdes es Asesora Financiera de DebtCare Canadá. A partir de que obtuvo su licenciatura en York University, se ha desempeñado como Coordinadora de Desarrollo de Negocios y Comercio para Rogers y MCIS Languages Services. En la presentación de evaluación financiera que realiza para sus clientes, les proporciona, la visión y el apoyo necesario para la creación del plan de acción el cual contiene la información precisa, que les garantiza un futuro financiero estable. Andrea se ha caracterizado por otorgar un servicio profesional de alta calidad, teniendo como valores principales el compromiso y respeto hacia sus clientes. Andrea habla fluido en Español Inglés. Contacta a Andrea al: avaldez@debtcare.ca
Kristin Chen

Kristin Chen

Debt Management Consultant
Kristin Chen is a Financial Restructuring Specialist at DebtCare Canada Inc. After graduating from the University of Windsor with a Masters Degree in Finance and Accounting, she worked as a legal assistant for a law firm specializing in the areas of real estate and property management. Working in these fields, Kristin became aware of the financial management problems many Canadians are faced with every day. This led her to her interest in helping these individuals by joining DebtCare Canada. Kristin is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English and paired with excellent client service skills, she promises to offer the best care and service to Chinese community across the country. Please contact her by email at: kchen@debtcare.ca

Naomi Cho

Debt Management Consultant
Naomi Cho is a Debt Management Consultant at DebtCare Canada. Naomi’s educational background is in Japanese linguistics. In Korea, Naomi served for 2 years as a financial consultant offering personal loans to Korean individuals and families. During this time, Naomi discovered her strong passion for helping people and great personal satisfaction in assisting them through their financial hardships. Joining DebtCare Canada in 2014 has allowed her to help individuals and families deal with their financial problems and gain control of their lives. Naomi continues to build strong ties in the Korean Community all across Canada. She is committed to providing a high level of integrity, timely service and professional advice. She is fluent in English, Korean and Japanese. Contact Naomi at: ncho@debtcare.ca

Jillian Klein

Credit Counsellor
Jillian Klein is a certified BIA Credit Counsellor. She runs DebtCare Canada’s rehabilitation program and helps our clients plan to build a brighter financial future. Upon graduating with an Honours Bachelor degree from the University of Western Ontario Jillian then completed another Bachelor degree in Education at the University of Toronto. She has formerly been an educator for 15 years with the Toronto District School Board. Having worked with many friends, colleagues, families and clients; Jillian has assisted them to find a financial balance and budget in their lives. She has used community resources and networks to connect individuals to the proper facilities and to get them back on track. At DebtCare Canada Jillian helps clients regain control of their finances and learn how to live debt free.

Elizabeth Tilley

Credit Counsellor
Elizabeth Tilley is a certified BIA Credit Counsellor and has been helping people manage their money for 25 years. Her experience includes working as a family services worker, bankruptcy and consumer proposal counsellor, facilitating money management workshops for high schools, non-profit housing groups and women’s shelters in Peel Region, and managing the financial counselling department of a major Peel Region non-profit agency. Elizabeth is dedicated to helping the firm’s clients understand how to rebuild their finances, including the decisions that affect their budget on a daily basis.


  • I was surprised to find my paycheque had been garnished for unpaid income tax. I contacted DebtCare and they were are to help me lift the garnishment and find a solution for my debt. Outstanding job!
    Marie in Cobb's Arm, NFLD
  • As I was making monthly payments to pay back my debt, I was shocked and embarrassed to find my employer had garnished me. I was confused until I spoke with someone at DebtCare. They solved my debt issue and got rid of the garnishment. Thanks for all your help.
    Jenny in Hamilton, ON
  • So thankful I came across the DebtCare website! They helped me to find a solution to my garnishment issue and I cannot thank them enough for their help and advise.
    Chris in Vancouver, BC

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