Our Process

Please call DebtCare Canada today at 1 (855) 732-9265. Over the phone, one of our qualified counsellors will evaluate your situation and inform you whether you qualify for any of the government programs.

Step 1 – Free Consultation

If you qualify, we will schedule a free consultation where an assessment will be done and all the details will be explained. Our counsellor will use the information that you have provided and present you all of your options and discuss the various strategies within those options.


Step 2 – Application & Review

After being presented with all of your options, you and your consultant will decide on the Government program that best suits your situation and discuss your move forward strategy. After together reviewing these options an application is filled out and within 5 days a meeting is set up for your approval to your program of choice.


Step 3 – Confirmation & Acceptance

Your consultant will set up an appointment with a Court Officer in our DebtCare office, where we will represent you and present the Government program you have chosen to the Court Officer and confirm your approval. Your consultant will work on your behalf to negotiate the terms of your program with the Court Officer to ensure that it best suits your budget.



  • I was surprised to find my paycheque had been garnished for unpaid income tax. I contacted DebtCare and they were are to help me lift the garnishment and find a solution for my debt. Outstanding job!
    Marie in Cobb's Arm, NFLD
  • As I was making monthly payments to pay back my debt, I was shocked and embarrassed to find my employer had garnished me. I was confused until I spoke with someone at DebtCare. They solved my debt issue and got rid of the garnishment. Thanks for all your help.
    Jenny in Hamilton, ON
  • So thankful I came across the DebtCare website! They helped me to find a solution to my garnishment issue and I cannot thank them enough for their help and advise.
    Chris in Vancouver, BC

Our Process

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Our Resources

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We use federal government options to reduce your debt up to 70% at 0% interest.

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